My First Three Kindle Titles Are Available Now

I don’t think any other full story is about an earlier part of my life. I’m 16 here. I may have referred to a time when I was 12 or 14 in another story, but this entire story takes place when I was 16. It’s both tender and innocent and naughty and nasty at the same time. Typical Jill Hill, right? It takes place on summer vacation while I’m working with my Aunt Maggie on a horse ranch. Horses have very big cocks. When you’re a 16 year old girl, it kinda gets your attention. Also working on the ranch, a boy a bit older than me named Larry. He had an attitude problem and, it turns out, I had the solution. Here is the Kindle link.

It’s the second summer on the horse ranch and this time the boy who worked there the prior summer wasn’t there. Instead there was this chubby gothic chick named Leslie with a chip on her shoulder. But then there was a medical emergency on the ranch that took Aunt Maggie away, leaving me and the gothic girl to run the ranch on our own for a while. That’s when Little Miss Attitude started pitching in and I started liking her. Then, a gorgeous young blond guy named Lars showed up with a mare that needed some stud service and, well, Leslie and I started feeling like getting some stud service ourselves! Here is the Kindle link.

How many stories have you run into about a guy who falls for a pair of twins, eh? Boy meets girls, boy fucks girls, boy moves in with girls, and they live happily ever after, right? Well…not exactly. This story is absolutely unique. A really original idea. I’d love to be able to tell you a bit more, but it’s one of those stories that, once you read it, you’ll tell your friends to read it, and if you’re not a total asshole, you’ll be sure not to tell them the twists and turns the story takes. And for heaven’s sake, do not tell anyone the ending. If you do, I’ll make sure you’re looking over your shoulder the rest of your life! Here is the Kindle link.


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