Two Books Of Early Stories Added To My $.99 Kindle Books Library

When I first started writing erotica, my stories were short episodes very much centered on explicitly-described sex. This is my first book of early short stories. It includes a couple of my own personal favorites, In Praise Of Older Men and The Deflowering Of Wally. The first takes place in my college years. It begins with me sitting in a coffee shop decked out in a college girl version of a schoolgirl outfit. An older man, who turns out to be a surgeon, opens a conversation that leads to an evening of sexual pleasures. Along the way I learn about his tragic past. The second of those stories involves me rehabilitating the reputation of a nerdy guy I liked very much. I was able to do so because, although I was part of the “out crowd,” it wasn’t because I wasn’t regarded as a hottie. On the contrary, I was one of the most sought-after pieces of ass in school. It was prom night and I think you’ll find what I did to help him a pretty good read. Here is the Kindle link.

“Pink” as in “showing pink.” This book includes Going Down For the Count, the first of the older stories I wrote where I stood back and said to myself “I can’t believe I wrote that!” It’s my own absolute favorite among my short stories. That’s not to say it’ll be yours, because you may prefer my more autobiographical episodes, whereas this one is pure fiction with nothing autobiographical about it. A Lucky Substitution is another favorite included in In The Pink. My friends buy me a gift certificate for a masseur they like and, well, let’s just say that the treatment he gives me goes way way way beyond the bare minimum! Here is the Kindle link.


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