Tanya The Assassin

This is my first mystery. Tanya was a government assassin working for covert ops. She had followed in the footsteps of her father, a legendary hand-to-hand combat trainer specializing in knife fighting. She retired after her father committed suicide leaving a very strange suicide note that consisted solely of this phrase: “Take good care of the orchids.” WTF did that mean! They had no orchids. Had never even talked about orchids. Using the wealth she inherited from him, she bought a bar in Guyana, a South American country with beautiful clean beaches and a populace that speaks English. When a family friend named Igor, a Russian Speznaz officer, shows up and announces that he doesn’t believe it was a voluntary suicide (a view Tanya shared), they decide to do a little investigating and, if possible, find out what really happened and what the reference to the orchids meant. After all, if it turns out to point the finger to someone responsible for his death, they will have to die a gruesome death of their own. I think you’ll find this novella-length story an enjoyable read. If you want to review it, ask me for a freebie copy. Here is the Kindle link.


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