Jungle Love

In this adventure my boss and f*ck buddy Kelsey suggests we take a long weekend, so we call our wealthy friend Gina who proposes we visit some friends of her’s in the hot and tropical (but English-speaking) South American country of Guyana, and boy were we glad we took her up on he suggestion. Rickie, our hostess, has a great jungle pad, a jovial black husband, and a lovely little girl who’s guarded by the most frightening big dog I’ve ever seen. As usual, we never miss a chance to fool around with whomever is handy. If you like my other books, you’ll love this one! Here is the Kindle link.


Life Is A Carnival

My third book of short stories. Most of my stories are about the adventures of Jill Hill…me. However, the first story is a story of domination and submission where the gorgeous Ariela feels something is missing in her life until she meets the handsome and dominant Ian, who takes her into a world she didn’t know existed, where she finds happiness in a way she never expected. Another of my favorite stories is about how my friend Kelsey and I handle a new boss who wants employees who will go the extra mile…in his hotel room. Here is the Kindle link.

Living The Life Of The Rich

With my wealthy friends, Gina and Belle, I take off to Banff, Alberta, in Canada for a few days. We meet some local guys who turn out to be quite nice to their three American visitors. And why not, all three of us are totally hot and, when it comes to sex, ready to rock and roll. Our adventures take us to Banff and Jasper and parts in between, including a couple gorgeous lakes and a horse ranch. And of course, we have plenty of straight and lesbian sex. I would never let you down! You will love Living The Life Of The Rich! Here is the Kindle link.

It Didn’t Stay In Vegas

My boss and f*ck buddy Kelsey got promotions and decide to take a long weekend in Vegas to celebrate along with our mutual friend Gina. Along the way, we meet Belle a stunning girl who comes along for the fun. While in Vegas, we are introduced to a famous Las Vegas entertainer. How famous? He has had a standing gig in a major casino for years now. But the trip gets better than a long weekend in Vegas as we are treated to a side trip to Mexico which takes us to Taxco, Merida, and the Yucatan coast (aka “The Mexican Caribbean”). My stories, as always, are real stories, not just long yawn-inducing highly detailed sex scenes between cardboard characters. I know you’ll enjoy It Didn’t Stay In Vegas. Here is the Kindle link.

Two Books Of Early Stories Added To My $.99 Kindle Books Library

When I first started writing erotica, my stories were short episodes very much centered on explicitly-described sex. This is my first book of early short stories. It includes a couple of my own personal favorites, In Praise Of Older Men and The Deflowering Of Wally. The first takes place in my college years. It begins with me sitting in a coffee shop decked out in a college girl version of a schoolgirl outfit. An older man, who turns out to be a surgeon, opens a conversation that leads to an evening of sexual pleasures. Along the way I learn about his tragic past. The second of those stories involves me rehabilitating the reputation of a nerdy guy I liked very much. I was able to do so because, although I was part of the “out crowd,” it wasn’t because I wasn’t regarded as a hottie. On the contrary, I was one of the most sought-after pieces of ass in school. It was prom night and I think you’ll find what I did to help him a pretty good read. Here is the Kindle link.

“Pink” as in “showing pink.” This book includes Going Down For the Count, the first of the older stories I wrote where I stood back and said to myself “I can’t believe I wrote that!” It’s my own absolute favorite among my short stories. That’s not to say it’ll be yours, because you may prefer my more autobiographical episodes, whereas this one is pure fiction with nothing autobiographical about it. A Lucky Substitution is another favorite included in In The Pink. My friends buy me a gift certificate for a masseur they like and, well, let’s just say that the treatment he gives me goes way way way beyond the bare minimum! Here is the Kindle link.

My First Three Kindle Titles Are Available Now

I don’t think any other full story is about an earlier part of my life. I’m 16 here. I may have referred to a time when I was 12 or 14 in another story, but this entire story takes place when I was 16. It’s both tender and innocent and naughty and nasty at the same time. Typical Jill Hill, right? It takes place on summer vacation while I’m working with my Aunt Maggie on a horse ranch. Horses have very big cocks. When you’re a 16 year old girl, it kinda gets your attention. Also working on the ranch, a boy a bit older than me named Larry. He had an attitude problem and, it turns out, I had the solution. Here is the Kindle link.

It’s the second summer on the horse ranch and this time the boy who worked there the prior summer wasn’t there. Instead there was this chubby gothic chick named Leslie with a chip on her shoulder. But then there was a medical emergency on the ranch that took Aunt Maggie away, leaving me and the gothic girl to run the ranch on our own for a while. That’s when Little Miss Attitude started pitching in and I started liking her. Then, a gorgeous young blond guy named Lars showed up with a mare that needed some stud service and, well, Leslie and I started feeling like getting some stud service ourselves! Here is the Kindle link.

How many stories have you run into about a guy who falls for a pair of twins, eh? Boy meets girls, boy fucks girls, boy moves in with girls, and they live happily ever after, right? Well…not exactly. This story is absolutely unique. A really original idea. I’d love to be able to tell you a bit more, but it’s one of those stories that, once you read it, you’ll tell your friends to read it, and if you’re not a total asshole, you’ll be sure not to tell them the twists and turns the story takes. And for heaven’s sake, do not tell anyone the ending. If you do, I’ll make sure you’re looking over your shoulder the rest of your life! Here is the Kindle link.