Tanya The Assassin

This is my first mystery. Tanya was a government assassin working for covert ops. She had followed in the footsteps of her father, a legendary hand-to-hand combat trainer specializing in knife fighting. She retired after her father committed suicide leaving a very strange suicide note that consisted solely of this phrase: “Take good care of the orchids.” WTF did that mean! They had no orchids. Had never even talked about orchids. Using the wealth she inherited from him, she bought a bar in Guyana, a South American country with beautiful clean beaches and a populace that speaks English. When a family friend named Igor, a Russian Speznaz officer, shows up and announces that he doesn’t believe it was a voluntary suicide (a view Tanya shared), they decide to do a little investigating and, if possible, find out what really happened and what the reference to the orchids meant. After all, if it turns out to point the finger to someone responsible for his death, they will have to die a gruesome death of their own. I think you’ll find this novella-length story an enjoyable read. If you want to review it, ask me for a freebie copy. Here is the Kindle link.


My Road Trip Series Ends With Roadside Infractions, Pt. IV

Okay, let me get one thing out of the way right away. Yes, this is a quartet of stories, but it’s not a novel. It’s a series of episodes, kind of like a soap opera. So, you might be advised to read them in order. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a denouement the way a novel does. The trip simply comes to an end. However, the last book, Pt. IV does have two appendices which I believe make it an especially worthwhile read. Because the subtitle for each of these books is “Another offense against common decency by Jill Hill,” you can rest assured that there’s plenty of sex (m/f, f/f, group). At $.99 each, even buying all four is an investment of less than $4. What have you got to lose? Here is the Kindle link.

The Sequel To Moonlight And Elize Is Available Now

Something Wonderful This Way Comes, the sequel to Moonlight And Elize, continues the story of the man who fell in love with twins. If I told you a whole lot more it’d spoil the story line of Moonlight and Elize for those who haven’t read it yet, so I’ll have to be careful. The one thing I can tell you that won’t spoil the prior story is that, unlike that one, this is where I make my appearance in the story, so if you’re one of my fans who likes reading about my own adventures, here you go. Once again, it has sex and love and, as in its predecessor, a decidedly otherworldly element as well. Here is the Kindle link.

Want To Review My Stories?

I’d like to get some Kindle reviews up. If you want to write a review, I’ll send you my stories in PDF form for free. I’ll do this for a while until I get a few reviews up, but since I have only one of my three stories reviewed, you stand a pretty good chance of getting a freebie. Write me at jillhill@nympho-girl.com and ask for them. Only erotica/dirty story lovers, please, because “if you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you will like.” LOL

John Locke — An Inspiration To All New Writers

No, not the character from Lost or the British philosopher, but the first writer to hit the million sales mark on Amazon selling Kindle titles. Since only eight authors have reached that level of sales, the fact that he did it selling for Kindle ereaders only is a big deal.

I really like this guy. He claims to respond to every single email and he’s responded to every single one of mine so far. And one was actually several paragraphs long! How does he do it?

His stories are fascinating and there’s hardly any reason not to try him out since all of his novels sell for $.99 each. What makes them addictive is his protagonist, Donovan Creed, a likeable guy who used to be a CIA assassin who kills people for a living. He works for anyone who’ll pay without discrimination. He’ll do hits for the government or for gangsters or businessmen wanting to eliminate a competitor. He even works for a cabal of little people (the vertically challenged kind).

At the same time, he’s a nice guy who can fall in love with a saucy nurse and adopt a child burn victim.

I dare you to try one of his books. I’d start with Lethal People.

But if westerns are more your thing, he is starting to write to that market as well with a character named Emmett Love who, according to Locke, is a former gunslinger with a crab-like scout who journeyed West ” with a mail order bride, a witch, and a wagon full of prostitutes!” Sounds like fun, huh?

Now, I’m not a big fan of western, but if anyone can make me a fan John Locke can. And it’ll only cost me about a buck. Visit his website/blog here.